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Domainbank - Top-Internet-Domains - Domains for sale
Address Register - Domainbank - Domain Names for Sale
Antwerp-Delen Private Bank - Belgium
Athens - Alpha Bank Greece / Griechenland
Bank of Skarij
Bank of Skarjah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Banks Hardwoods - White Pigeon 49000 Michigan - USA
Barclays Bank - England - UK - United Kingdom
BASF Schweiz - CH-5113 Holderbank - Switzerland
Beijing-ABC-Agricultur Bank of China
Bonn - Deutsche Postbank - Germany
Domains for Sale - Domainbank - Purchasing-Offers
Düsseldorf - Targo Bank - Germany
Fairbanks - City of Alaska - USA
First Gulf Bank - Abu Dhabi - United Arabic Emirates - UAE
Frankfurt - Bethmann Bank AG - ABN-AMRO - Germany
Frankfurt - Commerzbank AG - Germany
Frankfurt - Deutsche Bank AG - Germany - Domainbank / Domainfinder - Domains for sale
Hebron - City of West Bank/Westjordanland
Helaba Hessische Sparkassenzentralbank - Germany
Jenin - Palestinian City in the northern West Bank
Jericho - Palestinian City of the West Bank
London-Royal Bank of Scotland - UK - United Kingdom