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Name Website
Auto Trader-Car Dealer-Car Supermarket - United Kingdom UK
Brackenfell-Shoprite Holding Supermarket - South Africa
Cape Town-Checkers-Supermarket - South Africa
Casablanca-Acima Supermarket - Morocco
Croix Cedex-Auchan-Holding-hypermsrket-Supermarket - France
Kumasi-Melcomgroup Supermarket - Ghana
Mülheim - Aldi Süd SuperMarket - Germany
Nairobi-Uchumi Supermarkets - Kenya
Netherlands - List of Supermarket-Chains
Palma-Supermarket Porto Pi Centro Comercial - Mallorca - Spain
Zaandam - Ahold Supermarket-Chains - Netherlands
Zaandam - Albert Heijn Supermarket - Netherlands